Apr 092013

It can be quite exhilarating to experience others’ enthusiasm for my creations. I have to admit that at times I have tendencies to slip into auto-pilot mode in order to keep up and get the work done. Being a mom, teacher, and a bead maker all at once can make things hectic. I am sure that no one ever tires of hearing compliments about things they have made or done. I know I don’t. But when someone else shares an abundance of happy, pleasant, and wonderfully exciting things about me and my beads it seems to shake me from my automaticity.

That is exactly what just happened when I got to read Sharyl’s blog post. I just love seeing (and obviously hearing about) what others do with my beads. I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through her Artfire shop and have several items on my wish list now. I just love painted and patina metal and so I am certain we just might be do some further exchanges.

She is having a giveaway of a combination of my beads and her copper and brass components. Share with me in my ‘altered state’ and pop on over there to get in on your chance to win. You will be able to make something that you can create into your own unique piece. Deadline to enter is this Thursday night so don’t delay!

Here are a couple of my faves from her shop!

Handmade copper snowflake bail

What a neat idea. Maybe I’ve been hiding under a rock but I’ve never seen a bail quite like these and just love the idea. I am always in need of unique pieces in which to hang my favorite focals.

Pair of Pansy Patinated Connectors

I think I have some ceramic beads with match these perfectly. Gonna have to track them down to see for sure.


And the beads and components  you can win for yourself.

My beads and Sharyl’s metal components.


Gotta run and get busy at the torch. Have a beautiful day.