Jan 292014


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I expect to be taking off sometime over the next couple of weeks to visit DH’s sister. (A 12 hour or so drive.) It will be a last minute decision once we do decided to go so I am trying to spread the word so everyone knows. there very well could be come hiccups and slowdowns while this little trip occurs. It is much needed and will hopefully be quick. I will update you with more as I can.


Sep 202013

Cotton Candy Cotton Candy standing

Meet Cotton Candy. Its a frit blend from Glass Diversions. I love the cheerful and festive feel of this blend over effetre light turquoise. Its another no fuss blend that I’m sure will be a bonus to any lampworkers stash! Playful, bright, and easy going. That’s what I think. I made these up in a freeform mini focal set. Some of the spacers have been wrapped in a special frit stringer – the same one used for the little dots on the bigger beads.

Day at the Fair – can be found on eBay.

Apr 092012

Here are some pictures of a couple of different custom orders I am currently working on.

Here we are trying to find the perfect coral/peach/mango type colors in with the silvered ivory stripe and a bit of fine silver two. The smaller lentils are about 15mm and the larger one will be a monster focal, but not until the colors are agreed on.

These are a couple of raku woven beads with a hole large enough for a panodra bracelet. I’ve done these for a while with the smaller hole, but since raku is a chameleon type glass I opted to see how they worked up first.

And a picture of the originals.