Jan 292014


Use JAN2014 for 10% off my Etsy shop until the end of the month. Use it while you can. 🙂

I expect to be taking off sometime over the next couple of weeks to visit DH’s sister. (A 12 hour or so drive.) It will be a last minute decision once we do decided to go so I am trying to spread the word so everyone knows. there very well could be come hiccups and slowdowns while this little trip occurs. It is much needed and will hopefully be quick. I will update you with more as I can.


Apr 122013

I get asked quite often if I give discounts. And the quick answer if yes, yes I do.

The longer answer is yes, but only in certain places. My prices on places like Etsy and eBay are priced accordingly. There are fees that are figured into my prices on each of those sites. Now if you wander over to my website, I can most definitely offer a discount on quantity purchases there. In fact, a lot of sets and spacers are already set up for a quantity discount that is less than anywhere else.

But I can’t tell you that if you ask me directly in an Etsy convo or eBay message. I know for a fact that conversations can be monitored. I can lose my selling privileges for directing you to buy away from Etsy or eBay. It has already happened to me and I am not willing to lose my privileges again, forever.

So, this is what I can say here, on my own blog. If you are looking for the bottom dollar or possible wholesale prices on lampwork beads, ask me directly through my website or this blog.