Oct 102013

Just a quickie picture of the promised half matte colors. I haven’t had time all week to post these onto the website listing. I will probably extend the sale price for a bit longer than just until tomorrow since these came in so late.

Just email be at beads @ serenasbeadery.com (minus spaces) to send in your order.

light red, dark blue, olive green, ink blue (or purple), dark aqua, and light teal

Oct 042013

Black Half Matte Beach 3

The style is the same but the treatment is new. I have always wanted to try this but just never did. The other day I had a customer request that I etch half of a bead that was in an orphan set. It worked perfectly and I love the look. I have several more colors in the kiln all ready to be be half etched. I have put these up on my website here, but also want to offer a special introductory BOGO at half price for a short period of time.

Black Half Matte Beach A

The only colors currently on that page to order are black, light teal, ink blue, dark blue, transparent red, and olive green. But you may order any color you see on my color gallery. Your 2nd bead does not have to be the same as the first. Just browse through all the colors in the color gallery and order whichever color you would like. Since I can’t get up my website with a special like this I will take orders my hand. You will just have to Email Me your order and I can paypal you your invoice.

I will keep this special going to about a week but will put a stop to it all should I get to far behind. So don’t delay – get your orders in quickly.

Half Matte Beach Pandora Style – I don’t have all the above listed colors shown yet, but will have them up by the end of the weekend.

Sep 262013

My experiment with Sedona Surprise from Glass Diversions turned into a quaint little heart. But, of course, that wasn’t until I made an ugly chubby flat bicone shaped blob. I know not to use frit on coral and orange, but I was hoping that the light version of red roof tile wouldn’t fail me. I was wrong. Oh well. I am quite pleased with the heart so that made up for the wasted time and effort.

What not to do with Sedona Surprise

What not to do with Sedona Surprise

Sedona Surprise

Sedona Surprise Heart


Sep 202013

Cotton Candy Cotton Candy standing

Meet Cotton Candy. Its a frit blend from Glass Diversions. I love the cheerful and festive feel of this blend over effetre light turquoise. Its another no fuss blend that I’m sure will be a bonus to any lampworkers stash! Playful, bright, and easy going. That’s what I think. I made these up in a freeform mini focal set. Some of the spacers have been wrapped in a special frit stringer – the same one used for the little dots on the bigger beads.

Day at the Fair – can be found on eBay.

Sep 112013

I have updated the website a bit and now offer more options for each color. You can now order donuts in two different sizes, mini, whitehearts, lentils, pillows, disks, super-sized 15 mm honkers, and panodras all from one page.

Here is a quickie screenshot. Each color listed under ‘Lampwork Spacers – by color’ is now set up this way. It should make ordering just a bit simpler for you.


Aug 052013

I have posted a whole new section in my color gallery. Actually, its two new sections but only one line of color – in transparent and opaque. It is called Reichenbach and they have some amazing colors. I have been using these colors for a while but only recently began using them a lot. I think my favorites are the multicolor and purple rose.

Come take a look – special lusters, crazy mystic colors, and new raku like specimens, and more! Pictures below are links to my color gallery page.