Jun 132009

Listing on etsy just got a whole lot easier. I love etsy, but hate listing stuff there. Or I used to. I just discovered the most helpful site to make listing there just so much quicker. Its called etsyhacks. I guess this fellow’s wife sells on etsy and he is the official geek-in-residence. I am so tickled that he has chosen to share all these wonderful little treasures. So far, I have installed bulk image uploader, fast tagger, section counter, copy listing, subtotals and a few more. These are all ideas I have wished that were available and now, in a flass, they are. There are still more hacks that I am sure I will enjoy, but this is a super start.
It has inspired me to get back to selling on etsy – just 2 items for now, hopefully more before the day is done. I’d love to be in a spot to be only selling more ready made items and not quite so much made to order. Someday….

Wanna see pictures from my time at Bead and Button last weekend. Hope to get that done realy soon. 🙂

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Jun 042009

Headed to Bead and Button for my very first time! Woohoo. Can’t believe I’ve never been since in my home town. Lots of firsts for me this weekend. More to come…..

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Feb 032009
The pussy willow tree in the backyard that I am going to miss dearly. It was right outside my kitchen window and was absolutely gorgeous.

The family out for a walk. This is on a dirt road near our house. Hard to believe this is even a roadway.

The warm and cozy studio.

ICE!! -pretty but yet so destructive.

Woke up this morning to no power! Ugh, this is more than frustrating. I got to make about 6 beads yesterday. In between cleaning, sorting, emailing, printing invoices, and running errands I hardly even got started on filling orders. Now I wish I would have just skipped some of that and just gone into power bead making mode. Since I can’t go back and change that, I am just going to send out a huge apologys for all the delays in getting your beads to you. The wind was blowing rather hard this morning and I assume something new fell on a pole somewhere. All the ice has melted out of the trees, but its still covering the ground. Plus there are lots of ‘widow makers’ hanging in the trees everywhere.

Oh well, don’t know what to say about my order filling progress. Email me if you are concerned about your order. The above pictures are ones I took when we were still out of power last week.

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Jan 302009

We have power! 70+ hours with no juice hanging about in less than 300 square feet with 3 inches or so of ice covering everything has been interesting. And even now that we have the entire house to enjoy, the four of us are sitting within arms reach of each other.

I have to say I really enjoyed the time spent with no electronics. I thought I would go stir crazy without my laptop, but I didn’t even miss it. Although, I would be completely alright with never having to experience another ice cold toiled seat again. The house is all electric, but my studio has a vent less gas heater so that is where we have been bunking since Tuesday afternoon. Its just a hop, skip and a jump from the back door, but can seem quite far when you have to go potty at 6am. We stayed plenty warm, but space was tight by the time we spread out foam pads for sleeping.

I also pulled out all my beads and findings and stuff and created lots of earrings and a couple of necklaces. I will show everything off in a few days when I get myself back on track. I also hope to have some wild icy images too. Elijah even made some fancy necklaces that I proudly wore today.

Now to sift through an inbox full of unread messages I have been avoiding…… Not quite ready to get back to work.

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Jan 292009

Just a quick update from a friend’s house. We are without power and have been since Tuesday afternoon. My website seems to be down for one reason or another. We got about 2 inches of ice and have lost a few trees. I have no idea how long this will last, but we are alright. I have heat in the studio, just no water. We have ventured out to take showers and get more supplies.

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Jan 262009

I might be pulling a involuntary disappearing act in the very near future. Besides suffering from the sniffles and feeling sick, we are supposed to be hit by a nice wintry storm. They are forecasting that we will be getting anywhere from 1″ of sleet to 2″ of ice. So, if I become nonresponsive, don’t feel ignored. Just picture me sitting all snugly under a few layers of soft warm blankets with my own personal heater (Elijah) and a cup of tea.

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Jan 222009

I just finished listing some new special production sets from Bullseye on eBay. I hope to have many more bunches like these in the future. Bullseye produces some wonderful one time colors, but I have a hard time offering them on a made to order basis since they can vary so much from throughout a batch and even from rod to rod. By selling these gorgeous colors in a ‘ready to go’ format, we both win. I get to play with some of these to die for colors and you get to see them (and hopefully play with them too) more often. So don’t be bashful if you like what you see. Let me know if you would like to see more like this and what colors.

Now to see if I can get you some links and pictures! And, it worked. Each picture should link you directly to the eBay listing.

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Jan 162009

I have to say I was quite tickled to have stumbled onto these earrings this morning. I was hopping around Flickr this morning and found myself attracted to a couple pairs of earrings. Not much of a shocking thing for a self proclaimed earring addict. What was so delightful about these particular earrings was the fact that they were made with my beads. I just LOVE how these look. Estancia, you did a fabulous job of showing off these rather basic beads with fine silver. Yum, yum, yum. Thanks so much for the mention too.

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Jan 132009

There is going to be a definite slow down in progress of all sorts around here starting tomorrow. DH, Mike, is having his shoulder fixed after a ….ah….um… skateboarding incident last August. Ladies, never forget to tell your guy not to take up skateboarding after 40. Believe me, nothing good will come from it. So, tomorrow, we get to leave out of here by 6:10 to get to Springfield in time for his surgery. He will be in a sling for 6 weeks. We’ll see how long that actually lasts, but I can guarantee you, I will not be getting orders out as efficiently as expected. Hopefully, my chief bead cleaner and cook will recuperate quickly (and quietly, without complaints – might as well hope for the best, right?) and I don’t go insane from trying to take care of it all myself.

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