Apr 212016

I’m here doing a happy dance because I am finally caught up a bit. I usually have a lead time of around 2 weeks, but for the past 2 months, I’ve fallen over 3 weeks behind in shipping bead orders. After working hard and more weekends lately, I am finally back to my normal 2 weeks behind!! Woohoo. Here’s a little selfie of my doing my little happy dance.


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Apr 122013

I get asked quite often if I give discounts. And the quick answer if yes, yes I do.

The longer answer is yes, but only in certain places. My prices on places like Etsy and eBay are priced accordingly. There are fees that are figured into my prices on each of those sites. Now if you wander over to my website, I can most definitely offer a discount on quantity purchases there. In fact, a lot of sets and spacers are already set up for a quantity discount that is less than anywhere else.

But I can’t tell you that if you ask me directly in an Etsy convo or eBay message. I know for a fact that conversations can be monitored. I can lose my selling privileges for directing you to buy away from Etsy or eBay. It has already happened to me and I am not willing to lose my privileges again, forever.

So, this is what I can say here, on my own blog. If you are looking for the bottom dollar or possible wholesale prices on lampwork beads, ask me directly through my website or this blog.


Oct 182012

I am currently a bit farther behind in my bead orders than normal but I have a really good excuse! Since my last ‘spacer’ post I have been out of town more than I’ve been home. I was working on a new skill that has almost taken over bead making. GASP! Yes, its true. While I do pretty much eat, sleep, and dream in bead, here, recently I have been volunteering my time and learning to tile. Yup, good ol’ porcelain tile. I have learned everything from how to cut to mixing mortar to finishing with grout. And I love it. Can’t stop thinking, designing, and wondering what’s next.

Ok….but what about your beads. I should be mostly caught up sometime next week. Of course, caught up does still mean that beads ship within 2 weeks of payment.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of what I got to help create earlier this month. I also have a picasa album up with more pictures if you are interested.

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Sep 272012

I am a lampwork artist and I make spacers. Lots of them. Over and over again. And you know what…I don’t hate it. I truly believe that even a simple single colored lampwork bead has its place. I know many lampwork artists hate making spacers, but I don’t. Yes there are days were I just choose not to, but overall I take it seriously. Each and every one.

Every spacer is carefully measured at the torch and also closely inspected after a thorough cleaning after a long roast in the kiln. After that, some are tossed about in some acid for a few minutes in order to achieve a matte finish, while others have to endure at least a few hours tumbling round and round among some grit and soap for the same affect. Careful wrapping, baking, cleaning, etching, marking, and packaging all go into each and every spacer.

And as you can see from the necklace above, the results can be fabulous. That is my most favorite necklace. I love the feel of it as well as the look. It lays like silk strung pearls on my neck. The necklace is made of 132 rainbow bronze luster teeny tiny spacers. Each one is only about 7 mm tall. Making them that small is not so easy. Its takes patience for me to work so small. Plus each one had to be slowly bathed in a reduction flame at the right interval of time. If the bead was too hot, then no fabulous color would appear. Wait too long and then the bead might crack when reintroduced into the flame. A very patient labor of love!

Couldn’t help but share. Hope you enjoy.

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Mar 252012

My favorite shape to make and to work with and to wear is the crystal. I don’t make a huge amount of them, but do have a few different bead buyers that utilize this shape quite often. If you beg, I might just show off some earring I made using a pair in lilac purple. Until the begging commences, you will have to settle for taking a gander at my new eBay listings.

Dark Ivory Crystal Shaped Handmade Lampwork Bead Pair

Carrot Red Crystal Shaped Handmade Lampwork Bead Pair