Mar 192013

I finally got to the torch again today after an 11 day break. I hardly ever disappear for that long. Nor do I announce ahead of time that I will be gone. I’m just not comfortable announcing that I won’t be around. I am sure that all would be fine…its just me. But I am quite excited to show you what I was doing. I wasn’t away lounging in the sun! Although I wouldn’t be complaining if I had. Instead I was working…working my tail off installing tile! Here a couple of pictures that show the fruits of our labor.

floor tile carpet

Water fountain back splash

The colors are a bit off as these are just photos from my phone, but I think you get the idea. We installed about 2000 square feet of tile in about 9 days. I love working with tile. In some ways its like glass. It is a hard, solid subject to work with but with design elements and the aid of a tile saw (which I love running) it can become fluid and soft. I’m just learning, but at the end of each project I find myself yearning for more.

So, I am back, exhausted  I’ve had a few days of rest and sort of got back to work today, but find myself over 2 weeks behind in sending orders.

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