Nov 212014

I have recently begun selling my lampwork glass beads on different Facebook Groups and I am really enjoying it. I have found some wonderful new people to work with and am feeling inspired to create once again. Things move fast there and it is way more personal that any other place I have sold online. If you haven’t checked out any Facebook groups yet, you ought to. Here is a wonderful article, “Facebook Groups are Underrated, Here’s How to Make Them Awesome”, that explains FB groups way better than I could and all of their benefits.

So, here is a list of the current ones I am a member of and have been selling on. (There are limits that vary from group to group as to how many posts you can have going at any one point in time. In order to sell more than just a few sets a day, I use several groups.) If you want to join, you will have to wait to be approved. This might seem intimidating, but keeps out spammers so we all win!!

Lampwork Bead Market

Lampwork Bead Auctions

Lampwork Bead & Jewelry Carousel 24/7 Auctions – this is the only group that I am aware of that allows made to order items

Artisan Lampwork Beads for Sale

Lampwork Beads For Sale

Glass Beads for Sale


I use the wording ‘bead by Serena’ in all my descriptions. So to easily find what I currently have listed on any of these groups, just search for ‘Serena’ and there I will be. (You can only search from a computer though – the facebook app or facebook group app doesn’t allow for searching.)

I have also created an “In The Lineup” photo album on my facebook page for easy browsing. In that album you can find pictures of each set that might currently be listed for sale, is in line to be put up for sale, or recently sold. I am trying to put a link to the picture if it is available and mark the sold ones as such and move them down to the bottom of the album. Feel free to comment on them is you want something or just like them too!


Sep 112013

I have updated the website a bit and now offer more options for each color. You can now order donuts in two different sizes, mini, whitehearts, lentils, pillows, disks, super-sized 15 mm honkers, and panodras all from one page.

Here is a quickie screenshot. Each color listed under ‘Lampwork Spacers – by color’ is now set up this way. It should make ordering just a bit simpler for you.


Apr 092013

It can be quite exhilarating to experience others’ enthusiasm for my creations. I have to admit that at times I have tendencies to slip into auto-pilot mode in order to keep up and get the work done. Being a mom, teacher, and a bead maker all at once can make things hectic. I am sure that no one ever tires of hearing compliments about things they have made or done. I know I don’t. But when someone else shares an abundance of happy, pleasant, and wonderfully exciting things about me and my beads it seems to shake me from my automaticity.

That is exactly what just happened when I got to read Sharyl’s blog post. I just love seeing (and obviously hearing about) what others do with my beads. I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through her Artfire shop and have several items on my wish list now. I just love painted and patina metal and so I am certain we just might be do some further exchanges.

She is having a giveaway of a combination of my beads and her copper and brass components. Share with me in my ‘altered state’ and pop on over there to get in on your chance to win. You will be able to make something that you can create into your own unique piece. Deadline to enter is this Thursday night so don’t delay!

Here are a couple of my faves from her shop!

Handmade copper snowflake bail

What a neat idea. Maybe I’ve been hiding under a rock but I’ve never seen a bail quite like these and just love the idea. I am always in need of unique pieces in which to hang my favorite focals.

Pair of Pansy Patinated Connectors

I think I have some ceramic beads with match these perfectly. Gonna have to track them down to see for sure.


And the beads and components  you can win for yourself.

My beads and Sharyl’s metal components.


Gotta run and get busy at the torch. Have a beautiful day.

Jul 042012

The time has finally come for me to move everything from eBay to Etsy. Its a huge task and, to be quite honest, I am a bit freaked out by how this might work. Ebay has been rather good to me for 10 years. But they’ve made just one change too many for me to keep going with so many listings there. Slowly, this month I will not be renewing my made to order listing.  I will continue to sell all my ready made lampwork beads there though. So, if you can’t find some old favorites or need something that you once had saved, just pop over to Etsy and it should be there. If you can’t find it, just ask and I can help you.

Of course, don’t forget that everything can always be found on my website too. And usually for a few less pennies.

May 272011

Just in case you were wondering and waiting….the new and hopefully improved website is live. So excited. Can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks.

And, of course some Friday night eye candy never hurt! Some turquoise and coral flowers.


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Apr 272011

Not literally. Although at this point I would welcome the change of pace. I am moving my website to a new cart. I am at the data transfer stage and have been for over a week. I expect to be done with the majority of it in the next couple of days.  But it will still be another week or so before everything goes live.

So what does this mean for you, you ask. Well, all past orders from my old cart will be lost. I hate that because I do often refer back to what someone ordered to help me figure out what they might want today.  There is nothing I can do about it so I am just going to have to move on. Too many customers have had troubles with the webcart I have had all along. The same issues kept coming back up and I couldn’t fix it and couldn’t find someone to help me with it either. So if you have saved orders or past orders you want to keep track of you might want to print a copy now. I am not sure how long the old site will be accessible, so don’t delay.

I am also going to have to update this blog more often with newly added items to my cart. So I will slowly be training all you regulars to check here for updates. I can’t wait to test the new system with some orders, but I have yet to finish adding all the yummy goodies and eye candy. Soon though…I promise.

And of course this post would be just plain dull if I didn’t post a picture of a bead, don’t you think. Here’s one of my latest focals. The first one of this series that I believe I will actually sell.


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