Apr 082014

I have several new Creation is Messy colors to show. None are available to order yet, but couldn’t wait to show off my findings. I have even added them to the color gallery yet. These are all limited runs.

First we have Sunset Crush, C0211. It is a nice mellow orange, hinting a bit towards coral. There are subtle signs that this color will strike from light to a darker

This is Orange Crush, C0211. It is a strong transparent orange. Not much fuss. Does need to be struck with maybe a bit more patience than other batches of transparent orange I have worked with before, but not by much.

This one is called It Ain’t Easy Being Green, C0428. I would describe this color as a neon Dirty Martini. It is a a pale green, falling in line with being lighter than Copper Green.

This is Ocher, C0308. These went in the kiln slightly transparent, but came out totally opaque. A gorgeous color. Love that it stays nice and bright!

And here we have Jupiter Storm, C0812. It is definitely a striking color. I would equate this one with Powder Pink in workability. This one needs to be cooled quite a bit and then reheated high in the flame to get color. Nice peachy pinks though!!

This is Jellyfish, C0604. In direct sunlight, this is even more beautiful than Dark Lavender. (Which, btw, is currently OOS everywhere! Has been for awhile and doesn’t look like it will be back anytime soon either.) Under fluorescent light this stays the same, no color shifting to blue like other lavenders either. This is a big plus.

The bodacious blue is called Marine, C0525. Love it! Want more! Was expecting it not to etch like Leaky Pen, but look…it etched nicely.

Gypsy, C0613. So dark of a purple it looks black. (Which we all know that effetre black really is a super dark purple. So there….might just have to try this out and see how it stands up to whites and such. I did work this over New Violet and its perfect. Gorgeous solid purple. Will just need to be used sparingly to see the color.

Here  we have Flax, C0715. A booger to photograph since the color is so pale. But this will be a nice shade of pale amber or brown to use. Even more pale than Straw Yellow.

Lastly, we have Rudolph, C0113. A transparent reddish orange, that went a bit cloudy on me quick.


Aug 052013

I have posted a whole new section in my color gallery. Actually, its two new sections but only one line of color – in transparent and opaque. It is called Reichenbach and they have some amazing colors. I have been using these colors for a while but only recently began using them a lot. I think my favorites are the multicolor and purple rose.

Come take a look – special lusters, crazy mystic colors, and new raku like specimens, and more! Pictures below are links to my color gallery page.


Jul 212011

I ran out of steam the other night when posting new colors. So here is a follow up of more new colors. New for me and my website at least.


Buttered Popcorn

Very Cherry

Mimosa Yellow

Zucca Light


Pale Opal Yellow

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Jun 152011

There is a new color in town. Technically its not really new, but its new to my website as a regular offering. It is the closest possible color to the old Aloe that is no longer available.  I love this one and it looks like it might be difficult for me to purchase on a regular basis so enjoy it while you can.


Czar Green

Sep 232009

What is Maple? It is one of the newer CIM colors that I am quite thrilled with. Originally, I was comparing it to effetre medium or dark amber, but while pulling out all my samples I was rather excited to discover that it is much closer to Czech Smoke Topaz. From top right going clockwise, we have dark amber, dark smoke topaz, maple, light smoke topaz, and medium amber. As you can see, it falls right in between the light and dark smoke although I do believe my latest batch of dark smoke is not quite as dark as these beads. Either way, I think this is a fabulous shade of brown and can’t wait to get more than one rod to play with.
Read more about this color on the creation is messy website.

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Jul 302009

Its not year 2022 yet, but here I present you with Soylent. Just, please don’t try and eat this one. So, not much to say about this one that you can’t really see, but I will still elaborate a bit. Very streaky and dark green. Yaaaa, a good dark opaque green is very useful. This is one I would love to compare with effetre grass green and vetrofond grass green. (Although not all my batches of the vetro grass green have been this dark.) At this point, I am going to assume that this one will fall in between those two opaque grass greens and that it also will not play nice as a base bead with lots of other colors on top. I expect it will drown out other colors, but is still worth tyring, don’t you think? Maybe you’ll get to see some pictures of these together with other greens later.


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