Nov 212014

I have recently begun selling my lampwork glass beads on different Facebook Groups and I am really enjoying it. I have found some wonderful new people to work with and am feeling inspired to create once again. Things move fast there and it is way more personal that any other place I have sold online. If you haven’t checked out any Facebook groups yet, you ought to. Here is a wonderful article, “Facebook Groups are Underrated, Here’s How to Make Them Awesome”, that explains FB groups way better than I could and all of their benefits.

So, here is a list of the current ones I am a member of and have been selling on. (There are limits that vary from group to group as to how many posts you can have going at any one point in time. In order to sell more than just a few sets a day, I use several groups.) If you want to join, you will have to wait to be approved. This might seem intimidating, but keeps out spammers so we all win!!

Lampwork Bead Market

Lampwork Bead Auctions

Lampwork Bead & Jewelry Carousel 24/7 Auctions – this is the only group that I am aware of that allows made to order items

Artisan Lampwork Beads for Sale

Lampwork Beads For Sale

Glass Beads for Sale


I use the wording ‘bead by Serena’ in all my descriptions. So to easily find what I currently have listed on any of these groups, just search for ‘Serena’ and there I will be. (You can only search from a computer though – the facebook app or facebook group app doesn’t allow for searching.)

I have also created an “In The Lineup” photo album on my facebook page for easy browsing. In that album you can find pictures of each set that might currently be listed for sale, is in line to be put up for sale, or recently sold. I am trying to put a link to the picture if it is available and mark the sold ones as such and move them down to the bottom of the album. Feel free to comment on them is you want something or just like them too!