Mar 212013

Rainbow Pandora Flower Rainbow Pandora Flower

These 6 European Charm Flowers beads were a result of a custom order. Pairing the pink with yellow and orange were a bit of a challenge. Pink reacts with these two and turns  an ugly brown. You can see hints of it in these two beads yet I was able to keep them bright enough to work with the rest. I would never had though to pair the pink and green together but think that is my favorite of the bunch.

Just in case you do not know European Charm is equal to Pandora. But due to copyright issues, the Pandora company doesn’t allow anyone (especially lampwork bead makers) to use their name in any shape, fashion or form. Therefore the lampwork community now uses European Charm to describe a bead that will fit a Pandora, Troll, Biagi, or any type of european charm style jewelry.

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Jan 162013

I thought I would share with you a custom transformation. This idea was from the mother of a really close friend of mine. We all do share a love of handmade lampwork glass beads even if we are on nearly opposite sides of the globe. The request was to take these beads

Cobalt and Green Spiral

Cobalt and Green Spiral

and make them with hole that are large enough to fit onto a pandora sized bracelet or necklace.
I was tickled with the outcome. The new beads look quite dramatic and I hope to someday see them being worn.
What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Apr 092012

Here are some pictures of a couple of different custom orders I am currently working on.

Here we are trying to find the perfect coral/peach/mango type colors in with the silvered ivory stripe and a bit of fine silver two. The smaller lentils are about 15mm and the larger one will be a monster focal, but not until the colors are agreed on.

These are a couple of raku woven beads with a hole large enough for a panodra bracelet. I’ve done these for a while with the smaller hole, but since raku is a chameleon type glass I opted to see how they worked up first.

And a picture of the originals.