Oct 182012

I am currently a bit farther behind in my bead orders than normal but I have a really good excuse! Since my last ‘spacer’ post I have been out of town more than I’ve been home. I was working on a new skill that has almost taken over bead making. GASP! Yes, its true. While I do pretty much eat, sleep, and dream in bead, here, recently I have been volunteering my time and learning to tile. Yup, good ol’ porcelain tile. I have learned everything from how to cut to mixing mortar to finishing with grout. And I love it. Can’t stop thinking, designing, and wondering what’s next.

Ok….but what about your beads. I should be mostly caught up sometime next week. Of course, caught up does still mean that beads ship within 2 weeks of payment.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of what I got to help create earlier this month. I also have a picasa album up with more pictures if you are interested.

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