Jul 302009

Ta-da! They are done. After a very slow start to my day that had nothing to do with Dance Revolution and more to do with boring sit-n-wait visits to the doctor (for Tia’s eye allergies), I thought I wouldn’t get it finished. After an enormous rainstorm, but before it was too dark I found a quiet moment to photograph the new beauties. If you wander over to my color gallery you can get a little sneak peak at all 11 new colors. Five of them are already released, but I didn’t have them in the color chart yet. The 6 new colors are all fabulous and I think most are going to be nice additions to the soft glass palette. I am real curious how close some of these colors are to the already available choices and hope to snap some quick pictures to compare. But for now I am going to talk about most of them one at time a bit here so that you might now a bit more than just glance at a little picture. I think these will all be available next week, but I might be wrong about that.
The one shown above is Gunmetal. As you can see it developed a nice metallic finish and most resembles metallic black in the effetre line. The 2nd bead from the left was the first one I made and honestly it had the best appearance after a trip through the kiln. I tried hard to replicate that, but could not get it just so. The others did get shiny and strealy at the same time. Very interesting. BUT I was a tad nervous while fiddling with them in the heat because the rod was extremely shocky. It took more than half of the rod I have just to make these 4 beads! They also did not etch very well – they came out all blotchy, but then why would anyone want to remove that gorgeous metallic finish with acid anyhow. So, hopefully not all the glass is as shocky as the one rod I have and that its not as costly as metallic black. Can’t wait to see what I did to that one bead to make it shine so nicely.


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